Living Walls to Liven Up Your Business

Beautiful. Unique. Creative. Since their introduction centuries ago, vertical gardens have remained a welcomed addition to organizations, from interior decorating firms to historic concert halls to modern resorts. With an undeniable visual appeal, as well as numerous functional benefits, our living walls for businesses are a stunning choice that'll bring your building to life and capture the eye of every attendee, client or guest.

Why Introduce Interior Green Walls to Your Business?

What can an interior green wall bring to your company? Besides an eye-catching decor item, green walls for businesses deliver several unique benefits, including the ability to:

  • Purify your air quality with the power of plants that can remove volatile organic compounds and toxins in the air.
  • Emphasize your green approach with the energy-saving features of vertical gardens, which can insulate and shade your building.
  • Give your clients and guests a breather with the noise-absorbing interior green walls that create a serene and quiet atmosphere.
  • Relax your staff and clients with the stress-relieving benefit of living walls, which provide a therapeutic visual that's intriguing at the same time.

How to Bring Green Walls to Your Business

With the creativity of our plant techs and your team, you can bring green walls into your business in a variety of ways. Some of our favorite applications include:

  • Apartment communities: Provide new and current tenants with yet another reason to choose your apartment community through a stunning vertical garden, which you can add to your public garden areas or offices.
  • Banks: Add a creative touch to your clients' banking experience with a stunning interior green wall that lets you reduce your energy expenses, as well as lessen noises.
  • Businesses: Enhance your building with a personalized living wall for your business, which you can place in waiting areas, lobbies and other public areas.
  • Offices: Reward your team for their continued accomplishments with a green wall for your business, which you can place in a variety of locations, from breakrooms to conference rooms.
  • Restaurants: Make your bakery, cafe, diner or restaurant the talk of the town with an interior green wall that we tailor to your eatery's style, character and atmosphere — all while lowering your energy bill.
  • Hotels, resorts and casinos: Emphasize the architecture and design of your hotel, resort or casino with the eye-catching display of a living wall for your business, which you can incorporate into your company's green initiatives.
  • Entertainment venues: Set your concert hall, museum, gallery or stadium apart from others with an exceptional vertical garden that captures the imagination of attendees and minimizes noise.
  • Conference and convention centers: Revitalize your event center with the addition of an interior green wall, which will not only help with air quality, but also with promoting your location as the ideal space for conferences and conventions.

Where else are living walls a beautiful addition? In the homes of your clients! Whether you're an interior designer, real estate agent or property manager, our team can collaborate with you to create a stunning green wall that matches the expectations of your clientele and leaves a five-star review impression on them.

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Share Your Company's Character With Vertical Gardens

With deep roots in the Denver, CO community, 40 years of history and several design awards, our team of passionate plant techs has become a trusted partner of businesses throughout the area. Whether you're searching for a way to greenify your business, add color to your facility or brighten up the room, our team can help you create a personalized vertical garden that captures your company's character and decor — and with our ongoing plant maintenance, we'll care for it, too!

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