Who We Serve — HOAs

Plant Escape has been serving homeowners associations in the Denver, CO area for over four decades, specializing in commercial landscaping services for HOAs. Whether your association needs large-scale maintenance or flower bed planting, Plant Escape is ready to help.

HOA Landscaping

Managing the look of a neighborhood is an essential task for homeowners associations — maintaining a high standard of appearance can help keep property levels high and even elevate them further over time. Many new associations have to battle existing issues with specific properties in their purview while existing associations must continuously work to improve the appearance and value of their community, especially in relation to other HOAs in the area. Plant Escape can help on both ends, providing commercial landscaping services for HOAs.

Plant Escape provides year-round plant design and landscaping services for homeowners associations, delivering timely service and first-class attention to our clients. From flower bed planting and general landscaping to interior plant design, we can help your homeowners association bring your neighborhood to the next level.

HOA Plant Services

Plant Escape provides comprehensive services to HOAs, bringing natural beauty to any location with interior and exterior landscaping. Our services include:

  • Interior design: Our plantscaping designers work with your association, developing a plan that achieves the goals you have for the neighborhood, whether it involves purchases, rentals or other decorative elements.
  • Landscape design: Our commercial flower bed planting services for HOAs focus on the creative use of color, combining unique elements to improve the overall aesthetic of a landscape and home exterior.
  • Event design: Plant Escape provides a variety of services for HOAs outside of plant-based design services. If your HOA is hosting a neighborhood party, for example, we can help decorate with plants, trees, lighting and other elements.
  • Maintenance: Once your plants are designed and installed, your association won't need to count on owners to keep their plants up — you can turn to us. Plant Escape provides comprehensive HOA flower bed maintenance services for Denver associations, handling all the watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing, pest control and emergency needs of all plants in our care. We even manage replacements if one of our installed plants fails.

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No matter where your HOA is located, we can help bring your neighborhood to the next level. Plant Escape is a company that provides HOA flower and plant maintenance and design services throughout the Denver, CO area. For over 40 years, we've served thousands of clients, earning several awards on a national and local level in landscape design, color design and customer service. If you're interested in a commercial landscaping service for your HOA, give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.