Exterior Services

Exterior landscape services are becoming more popular for both commercial and residential locations, beautifying external environments for family or employees to enjoy. At Plant Escape, we strive to help you to take part in as many benefits as possible.


Plant Escape handles your landscape designs for you. From flower bed design and lighting to container selection, our Denver, CO exterior landscape design business will handle all your exterior landscape design needs.


Once your landscaping design and plant preferences are approved, Plant Escape will schedule installation at your convenience. Following installation, we offer maintenance programs to ensure your plants remain watered, trimmed, and fertilized.


On top of our exterior landscape design services, Plant Escape offers flower bed and commercial landscape maintenance services for our clients. This weekly service sends a plant tech to your location who will handle all of your plant needs, including:

  • Design: Landscaping design brings together all the old and new elements of your exterior design, mixing plants and hardscaping elements like pathways and furniture into colorful designs that beautify the location throughout the year.
  • Installation: Proper installation is just as important for exterior landscape design as interior plantscaping. Each plant needs the proper location and lighting for their needs, and Plant Escape can manage it all for you.
  • Watering: The technician monitors all the requirements of your landscape plants, watering them as needed based on their variety and local environment.
  • Pruning and trimming: To keep your plants looking healthy and fitting into the overall shape and design of your exterior location, your specialist will prune and trim them to remove dead leaves and maintain their shape.
  • Fertilizing: Depending on your plants, they may need regular fertilizing, which your plant tech will track and handle.
  • Insect and disease control: With any exterior design installation, pests and diseases are a risk. Your Plant Escape technician knows what to look for in these cases and can take care of any problems as they arise with solutions that are safe and nontoxic for your staff as well as surrounding wildlife.
  • Replacements: If any of your flower beds fail after installation, Plant Escape will replace dead plants with ones of similar size, variety and value — it's all a part of our quality guarantee!
  • Emergencies: If you notice a sudden change in any of your plants' conditions, remember that Plant Escape offers emergency services for our commercial landscape design clients in Denver, CO. Just give us a call, and we can immediately send a technician or supervisor.

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