Are you planning a large corporate or private event? Take the pressure off of your staff and planning team by partnering with a plant design service like Plant Escape that can help you achieve the beautiful look and mood that you need for a successful event.

Event Plant Services

Plant Escape provides plant design services for events in the Denver, CO area. Whether you're planning your next company meeting or a large-scale corporate function, we can help you create the environment you want with plants and decorations to suit your brand and desired goals. No matter the type of event, whether it's a short meeting, day-long party or week-long convention, we offer services that can deliver what you need when you need it.

Plant Escape's event plant services include:

  • Design: Our event plant design services for Denver companies and homes start with a consultation. We'll meet with you and your business to determine your goals and needs for the event, planning every detail down to the letter so that you can get the plants and decorations you need to achieve the mood you want. From small floral arrangements to larger-scale installations like trees, we have everything you need to design this event perfectly.
  • Rental: Our rentals include floral displays, plants, containers, and other decorative elements. With this service, you can rent plants for a day or up to a few weeks.
  • Installation: Before your event begins, we'll provide prompt delivery and setup with the plants you picked, ensuring that every one of them is the highest quality possible and placed in the perfect location for your needs.
  • Maintenance: If your event is a multiple-day function, we can provide maintenance services to ensure that the plants we installed maintain the beautiful look you want. From watering and pruning to emergency care and replacement, our plant tech can take care of everything you may need for your plants during the event.

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Plant Escape is Denver's premier event plant company. We deliver personalized foliage design, plant rentals, and containers to help create a beautiful event. With over 40 years of experience in the field and a reputation for quality service and excellent design, Plant Escape can be trusted to handle your next event with professionalism and artistry.

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