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Bringing the Outdoors


Plant Escape is Denver's premier landscaping firm, bringing a burst of vibrant colors and innovative designs to homes and businesses throughout the area. We'll take care of all of your plantscaping needs -- from the installation to maintenance and care -- so you can appreciate all the beauty and fragrances of plants, without the day-to-day gardening tasks.

Plant Escape Services

No matter what you're looking to gain from a plant services provider, we're sure to have something for you. Take a look at all we have to offer:

  • Green Roof Gardens: Whether you're interested in increasing your living space or are focused on staying up to date with Colorado's latest green roof legislation, we can fulfill your design, installation, and maintenance needs for green roof gardens in the Denver area.
  • Indoor Plantscaping : Our designers work with you and your business, developing a plan that integrates foliage plants into your home or office location and can transform the look of your surroundings within a day!
  • Living Walls: Custom-created for each unique location and installed by the experts at Plant Escape, vertical gardens or "living walls" aren't just beautiful additions to any indoor or outdoor space. They also provide a multitude of benefits from energy conservation to air purification.
  • Outdoor Landscaping: Our Denver, CO landscape design firm specializes in unique uses of color, combining annual and perennial plants with stones and other hardscaping elements to bring year-round beauty to your building's exterior.
  • Plantscaping and Rentals for Events: Plant Escape does a range of work for holidays and large events, helping you select and set up lighting, plants, trees and other decorations in your home or office building.
  • Silk Flowers: If the light in your residential or commercial building simply isn't enough for live plants, Plant Escape can beautify the area with both large- and small-scale silk plant options.
  • Container Sales: Looking to integrate foliage into your location with a unique container? Plant Escape carries a range of stylish containers, including ceramic, fiberglass, rustic and concrete options.
  • Maintenance: In addition to our regular services, Plant Escape offers ongoing maintenance for both interior and exterior locations, including watering, fertilizing and even light hardscaping.


Benefits of Plants

By adding foliage in and around your home or office, you can experience the real benefits of live plants, including:

  • Improved health and air quality
  • Increased productivity and mental clarity
  • Enhanced mood
  • Decreased stress levels, with just the appearance of outdoor plants helping to bring a sense of ease to your environment.
  • Enriched, fashionable and affordable decoration.

Learn more about the real benefits of indoor plants by contacting us today.


40+ Years of Award Winning Excellence

Plant Escape, Inc. has been serving as a plantscaping and landscaping company in Denver for over 40 years, providing services at thousands of locations. Our indoor and outdoor landscaping services take your idea from conception to installation and maintenance, bringing life and color to your location.

Our experience is backed by numerous regional and national awards. Since 1975, Plant Escape of Denver, CO has been recognized for both interior and exterior plant design projects. In fact, we've been awarded the Grand Award, for landscaping color design, over ten times by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC).

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Plant Escape of Denver, CO is a landscape design firm, providing personalized foliage layouts and maintenance for indoor and outdoor locations. Our attention to detail, unparalleled customer service and talented creative team make us one of the top landscape design services in Denver for both residential and commercial sites. Learn more about us and what we can do for your business! Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate at 303.584.0496.

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