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Since 1975, we’ve been providing highly personalized landscaping services to enhance small and large businesses in the Denver, Colorado, area and beyond. With a longstanding reputation for beautifying properties, we’re often asked questions by potential clients regarding which industries we serve and the types of specific services we provide.

Read on for our answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive:

Which Industries Do You Serve?

Over the past four decades, we’ve been proud to create and maintain genuinely spectacular interior and exterior plant and flower installations. While our list of clients continues to grow, we regularly lend our know-how, experience and professionalism to the following sectors and types of organizations:

What Other Services Do You Offer?

In addition to the many services already mentioned, we provide Holiday Décor services, including holiday wreaths, trees, displays and lighting both for residential and commercial clients.

And if you’re planning an event, ask about our Events Installations, which include plant rentals to make your event a wonderful and memorable experience.

Plant Maintenance for Businesses

Which Industries Do You Serve?

Yes. We’re pleased to work with all types of commercial enterprises and spaces to supply creative plant solutions that provide everything from relaxing visual focal points to improved air quality. Some of our most popular commercial plant services include:

  • Blooming Plant Program: We have blooming indoor and outdoor programs available that include the seasonal rotation of fresh plants and ongoing maintenance, so you always have beautiful, well-cared-for plants.
  • Living Walls: Have a vertical garden staged and composed professionally. With our ongoing maintenance program, your green wall will always be a focal point for all the right reasons.
  • Outdoor Landscaping: Our plant technicians consult with you to arrange and install exceptional outdoor plants.
  • Interior Plantscaping: After careful consultation, we supply your interior spaces with a variety of plants that will make it beautiful and welcoming. Additionally, our maintenance services take care of your plants, so they always look great and are free of disease and insects.
  • Green Roof Gardens: Be part of Colorado’s Green Roof Initiative without all the worry about building codes. After consulting with you, we can professionally install and maintain a green roof garden that meets all your building’s style and space needs.
    • Commercial Property Cleanups: From raking and removing old mulch to cleaning up broken bricks and rocks on old pathways, we can remove whatever is making your commercial property unsightly, so it’s far more appealing when we’re done.
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Award-Winning Plantscaping Services

For more than 40 years, we’ve practiced and applied our green thumb within the Denver, CO community, delivering the following services with a homegrown passion for plants

Frequently Asked Questions

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