Faux Plant Walls

Super realistic (life like), maintenance-free, and completely customizable; our artificial green walls are an effective means to beautifully enhance your commercial spaces.

The Best Artificial Plant Walls Around

We utilize only premium-quality artificial plants, greenery, and foliage to create our low-maintenance faux walls. Our remarkable selection of faux wall materials will allow for a wide range of customization effectively meeting your project’s precise requirements. Regardless of any specialized design project, our professional installation team will transform your design ideas into reality – resulting in a gorgeous green wall or ceiling that truly appears natural.

Designed to Last

Not all faux walls are created equal. Many fake plant options don’t last in exterior environments. They turn blue after even one or two seasons outdoors. The walls we install are purposefully designed to last in exterior environments. Even after several years of outdoor ‘living’ our faux walls retain their color and vibrancy due to the UV coating which is applied even before we come out for the installation. In interior environments, without the impact of the sun, faux walls can look great for many many years.

UV Stable & Fire-retardant Qualities

Our artificial green walls are designed and installed with flame-retardant foliage that allows for safety-conscious utilization in commercial interiors. Having an added benefit of being UV-stable as well, our artificial green walls can be displayed outdoors in order to create a vertical garden that requires minimal maintenance.

So, Why Pick Artificial Green Walls?

Watering is not required.

Eliminates need to deadhead and does not attract insects.

Creates a warmer and more welcoming environment.

Thrives all year-round, leaving no risk of wilting or perishing.

Pollen-free materials are ideal for those who suffer from plant allergies.

Full customization to effectively meet exact project requirements and specifications.

Offers an instant visually-pleasing focal feature.

Broad range of styles that will suit any décor scheme.

Realistic and trendy.

Creates a warmer and more welcoming environment.

Perfect addition for any commercial space.

Easily displayed in virtually any location - walls, rooftops, gardens, restaurants, courtyards, ceilings and so much more.

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We Take the Time to Do the Job Right

Share your project’s design specifications with us and our team will make certain the finished results are exactly what you are looking for. We invest time and effort to guarantee that your project is completed properly, providing photos and updates that keep you involved throughout the entire process.

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If you have dreamed of adding a stunning green wall to your indoor or outdoor space, yet feel unable to balance the responsibility of providing time and/or money needed for maintenance - then our artificial green walls are perfect for you! Here at Plant Escape, we offer full installation services for Faux Plant Walls. No job is too large or too small! We constantly strive to involve ourselves with a broad range of client projects, never settling for results that are less than the best. Contact us with your project details and requirements to schedule a free design consultation.

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Faux Wall Pricing

Not all faux walls are created equal, some use cheap looking material that looks like plastic from a mile away. Others are very life-like and are often mistaken for a living wall. We prefer to install the best quality walls that are so convincing, people just assume the plants are real. We tend to install the VistaGreen System as it looks the most life-like and holds its color outdoors. These beautiful walls can be installed from between $120-$135 per square foot. This includes the wall system and installation labor.  Other expenses include shipping, delivery of materials, trip charges (bring the guys out for the install) and dump fees if material needs to be removed.

The only ongoing expense associated with faux walls is an annual dusting service which typically only runs a few hundred dollars. (You can also do this yourself with a can of pressured air, like you would use for your keyboard) Or, we can come out and use a liquid dusting system that both cleans the dust off and shines the plants.

Thank you guys for always being happy, friendly and professional!
Solid work and dependable staff. Can’t get much better than that. I highly recommend this company for all your plant needs!

Gino Carrieri

We have been using Plant Escape to furnish and maintain our downtown office space with plants for the past two years and we absolutely love the vibe that live plants bring to our space... I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some feel good plant vibes to their space.

Abigail Wenk

My company has plant walls and Mae with Plant Escape does an amazing job keeping them looking their best. She’s knowledgeable and has even inspired me to keep a few plants around the house. I’m really happy that I know I can trust this company while I work on my own green thumb.

Jen Gelber

Alex and Scott! You guys have been fantastic! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our property like it was your own! We appreciate how prompt, detailed, kind, and genuine you two are! Thank you so much, again! 5151 loves you!

Nataly Milic

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