Plant Escape provides a range of plant services to the Denver, CO area, focusing on delivering high-quality plants in every application. Whether you’re looking for design, installation, delivery or maintenance, we can provide the services you need.

Benefits of Interior & Exterior Plant Design

Interior plant designs and exterior landscape designs are a lovely addition to any residential or commercial building, creating a healthy, natural look that positively impacts any visitor. Just a few of the benefits of plant design include:

  • Affordability: These designs are highly affordable compared to other design tactics, creating long-lasting, living beauty that anyone can appreciate.
  • Relaxation: Plants have a calming effect on the human mind, improving stress levels with their appearance.
  • Productivity: Plants in commercial locations have been proven to enhance employee productivity, reducing stress while also improving mood.
  • Air Quality: Plants filter the air for you, removing harmful particulates and toxins from the air to create a cleaner, healthier environment for all people living and working in it.

Professionally maintained plants improve these benefits even further, keeping the plants healthy and beautiful.

Plant Delivery Service

In addition to green foliage, Plant Escape can provide a consistent supply of blooming flowers and plants to your office with our plant delivery service for Denver and the surrounding area. We rotate fresh blooming flowers on a seasonal basis, changing them out every six weeks so you can maintain a pop of color in your home or office. We offer bromeliads, orchids, mums, poinsettias and more!

Plant Maintenance Service

On top of our other services, Plant Escape has a plant maintenance program, where you can opt in for a weekly visit from a plant technician. Our technicians take care of all watering, pruning, trimming, cleaning, fertilizing and disease and pest control needs for you. Our plant technicians will come in for emergency situations and replace your plants if they fail.

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Thank you guys for always being happy, friendly and professional!
Solid work and dependable staff. Can’t get much better than that. I highly recommend this company for all your plant needs!

Gino Carrieri

We have been using Plant Escape to furnish and maintain our downtown office space with plants for the past two years and we absolutely love the vibe that live plants bring to our space... I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some feel good plant vibes to their space.

Abigail Wenk

My company has plant walls and Mae with Plant Escape does an amazing job keeping them looking their best. She’s knowledgeable and has even inspired me to keep a few plants around the house. I’m really happy that I know I can trust this company while I work on my own green thumb.

Jen Gelber

Alex and Scott! You guys have been fantastic! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our property like it was your own! We appreciate how prompt, detailed, kind, and genuine you two are! Thank you so much, again! 5151 loves you!

Nataly Milic

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For more than 40 years, we’ve practiced and applied our green thumb within the Denver, CO community, delivering the following services with a homegrown passion for plants

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