Green Roof Gardens

Green Roof Gardens

We want to help you beautify your roof and expand your living space while keeping expenses down through “Container Gardening on Rooftops,” an alternative to green roof gardens. Traditional installation of green roof gardens involves substrate layers of roofing and irrigation materials, costing 2-3 times the cost of a non-green roof. Plant Escape Container Roof Gardens cost a fraction of traditional green roof installation, include an self-contained irrigation system while meeting all the requirements of the Colorado Green Roof Initiative 300 Building Code.

How Green Roof Gardens Work

Green roof gardens are a feat of engineering, requiring the installer to place protective membranes and irrigation systems over and across the surface of a roof location before placing a growing medium. Once it is all installed, however, green roof gardens can support a wide variety of vegetation for you to enjoy. All you need to install it is a green roof garden company, and Denver's Plant Escape is the perfect choice for the job.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs aren't just beautiful — they're ecologically and aesthetically functional for your residential or commercial location. Just a few of their benefits include:

  • Water control: Green roofs are excellent at controlling stormwater runoff, reducing erosion and pollution caused by structures.
  • Air quality: Green roofs are just as beneficial for air quality as other plant installments, and they can often offset the toxins given off by buildings.
  • Extend Living Space: Your tenants and clients will love the ability to spend time in a beautiful roof top garden environment, extending the usable space of your property.
  • Temperature control: Plants are excellent at absorbing and redirecting heat, which can be a great benefit for buildings, conserving energy and mitigating the effects of urban heat.
  • Noise reduction: Plants and dirt are also great for absorbing sound waves around an area, effectively reducing noise and improving the environment of any location with a roof garden.
  • Extension of roof life: Green roofs have demonstrated their ability to double and even triple the life of a standard commercial roof. They protect the roof surface from degradation due to UV rays and temperature extremes.
  • Improvement of aesthetics: Last but not least, choosing to install a green roof garden improves the aesthetic environment of your commercial or residential location.

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Our Process

At Plant Escape, we begin the Green Roof Container Garden installation with a consultation, determining your design and plant preferences; and how you’d like to personal your space with art, pathways, water features, living walls, etc.  Then we design your Roof Top Garden within your budget and present it to you for approval. Our installation team is scheduled for a 1-2-day installation process and are available to maintain it thought out the year.

Green Roof Gardens

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Plant Escape is a professional plant design company specializing in a variety of plantscaping and landscaping services. As one of the few green roof garden designers in Denver, we are the best company to design and install a green roof garden for your location. You can count on us for quality service and design every time. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate at 303.584.0496.