Plant Rentals and Plantscaping for Your Commercial Events

We all love fun, memorable events, whether it’s an annual conference, industry trade show or must-see product launch. Create an unforgettable moment for your attendees by adding life and style to your space . What would make your event more memorable than full grown (and living) pine trees or a free standing living wall? How about a living jungle?

Plant Rental Services Personalized to Your Event

We offer versatile and flexible plant rental services, which we tailor to your event and personal preferences.

Our Approach

Our approach for short-term plant rentals includes these steps:

  • Initial Consultation: After we assess your event’s location and timing, we look to understand the atmosphere you’re aiming to create and if you have specific preferences to your plant requirements. We then start preparing a proposal for your short-term plant rental,..
  • Design and Quote: After we assess your event’s location and timing, we look to understand the atmosphere you’re aiming to create and if you have specific preferences to your plant requirements. We then start preparing a proposal for your short-term plant rental,.
  • Delivery and Installation: When the big day arrives (actually typically a day or two before), our operations crew deliver your live plants, trees and living walls, setting them up for you as a part of our plant rental services, which allows you to save time and focus on other tasks.
  • Intermittent Maintenance: If your event is longer than a few days, we can have a plant tech go out to the even to water and care for the plants to ensure they continue to look great for the life of your event.

Our team will remove all the live plants and trees. We’ll also ensure that when we leave, your facility is left tidy and ready for your next event.

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Short-Term Plant Rentals for Every Event

With more than four decades of history with the Denver, CO community, we’ve provided short-term rentals to a variety of venues and facilities, including:

  • Apartment communities: Liven your weekly or monthly events, such as mixers or bingo nights, with the addition of live plants to your facility.
  • Banks: Complement your financial seminars, quarterly shareholder meetings and more with live plants.
  • Businesses: Draw traffic to your company with public or private events — both of which you can highlight with a series of stunning potted plants.
  • Medical facilities: Add character to press conferences, conventions and more with short-term plant rentals that are camera-ready.
  • Offices: Blend business with pleasure during company parties, such as for anniversaries, birthdays, meetings and more!
  • Restaurants: Invite new and frequent diners for cooking classes, followed by a dining experience that’s capped off with a decorated dining room.
  • Resorts, hotels and casinos: Give a variety of events, from musical performances to social mixers, a touch of green with beautiful and blossoming live plants.
  • Entertainment venues: Highlight your most in-demand performances, as well as short-term exhibit openings, with a complementary arrangement of plants.

Our friendly plant techs are also knowledgeable when it comes to exterior and interior plantscape services for other specialized events, like open houses. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property manager or interior designer with an upcoming gathering, we can help you make it fantastic, leaving a great impression on all your attendees.

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Thank you guys for always being happy, friendly and professional!
Solid work and dependable staff. Can’t get much better than that. I highly recommend this company for all your plant needs!

Gino Carrieri

We have been using Plant Escape to furnish and maintain our downtown office space with plants for the past two years and we absolutely love the vibe that live plants bring to our space... I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some feel good plant vibes to their space.

Abigail Wenk

My company has plant walls and Mae with Plant Escape does an amazing job keeping them looking their best. She’s knowledgeable and has even inspired me to keep a few plants around the house. I’m really happy that I know I can trust this company while I work on my own green thumb.

Jen Gelber

Alex and Scott! You guys have been fantastic! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our property like it was your own! We appreciate how prompt, detailed, kind, and genuine you two are! Thank you so much, again! 5151 loves you!

Nataly Milic

Award-Winning Plantscaping Services

For more than 40 years, we’ve practiced and applied our green thumb within the Denver, CO community, delivering the following services with a homegrown passion for plants

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