Decorative Rock

Decorative Rock offers an infinite amount of options to meet the most specialized business owner or operator’s design plans.

Transform your Facility Landscape into a Rustic Haven with Lasting Rock

Decorative Rock offers a perpetually clean look to property owners who require lasting elements in their commercial landscape. Hardscaping provides multiple benefits and can be used for ground covering, covering driveways or walking paths. Landscaping rocks look great and give an edge to the lush green foliage that surrounds your property. With Plant Escape, you will be pleased with our wide array of decorative rocks and landscaping stones that are not only durable, but practically maintenance-free.

Transform your Facility Landscape into a Rustic Haven with Lasting Rock

Our selection of decorative rock is broad, allowing you to incorporate various options into your landscape design. Landscaping stones are available in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Our experts will assist you in choosing the preferred option when sprucing up your commercial space.

Decorative rocks can be utilized to enhance multiple outdoor areas since they provide both functional and attractive purposes. Rocks not only add variety and texture to your outdoor project, but also provide a durable option because landscaping stones retain natural color and rarely pose maintenance issues. They help to maintain soil moisture and mitigate termites and other outdoor pests.

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Infuse Character with Decorative Rocks & Boulders

Rocks and Boulders are perfect for adding focal points to your landscape design. We provide an assortment of rock options, including rock ground cover, flagstone, river rocks, boulders, polished pebbles, and cobblestones to our customers.

Rock Ground Cover

Includes decorative gravel, river rocks, and Mexican beach pebbles. You can cover extensive areas and add texture with Rock Ground Cover.

Polished Pebbles

Is a smooth, natural, and well-rounded rock that has been polished with wax to radiate an unparalleled shine and luster.


Ideal for infusing a subtle tone, you can utilize cobblestones as a natural stone feature in common area fountains and dry beds.

Rubble Stone

Ideal for infusing a subtle tone, you can utilize cobblestones as a natural stone feature in common area fountains and dry beds.


Are an excellent addition to any home or office landscape, since boulders complement lushly-landscaped gardens brilliantly. We offer Cobblestone Boulders, Granite (Red, Gray, Blak & White, along with Moss Rocks and Onyx Boulders.


Perfect for creating sturdy patios, driveways, or vintage steps through garden areas, flagstone offers diversity in utilization and material thickness.

Although rocks reflect resilience and last forever, they tend to cost more than dressing up a property with mulch. You can expect to pay about twice the cost for decorative rock than a quick mulch spruce up of your property.

Decorative Rock Pricing

Decorative rock will vary in price based on the kind of rock you opt for. A simple crushed Granite will run you around $75 per ton while 2″ River Rock costs around $175 per ton. If you want to go with a Mexican Beach Pebble, it tends to run around $1,200 per ton. No matter which rock you chose, we estimate it takes our guys around 1-1/2 hours to install a ton. At $65 per hour, it’s about $100 in labor for installation of each ton. So if you added a ton of River Rock it would cost around $275 installed. Factors such as limited truck access will have an impact on the price.  Other expenses include delivery of materials, trip charges (bring the guys out) and dump fees if materials need to be removed.

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Thank you guys for always being happy, friendly and professional!
Solid work and dependable staff. Can’t get much better than that. I highly recommend this company for all your plant needs!

Gino Carrieri

We have been using Plant Escape to furnish and maintain our downtown office space with plants for the past two years and we absolutely love the vibe that live plants bring to our space... I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some feel good plant vibes to their space.

Abigail Wenk

My company has plant walls and Mae with Plant Escape does an amazing job keeping them looking their best. She’s knowledgeable and has even inspired me to keep a few plants around the house. I’m really happy that I know I can trust this company while I work on my own green thumb.

Jen Gelber

Alex and Scott! You guys have been fantastic! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our property like it was your own! We appreciate how prompt, detailed, kind, and genuine you two are! Thank you so much, again! 5151 loves you!

Nataly Milic

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