Biophilic Oriented Design Services

Transform outdated or dull workplace architecture by introducing plants (lots and lots of plants) into your facility.

Biophilic Design Connects You with Nature

In light of everything going on in the world, connecting with nature has never been of more importance. Between spending long hours in the workplace or home office, we now spend more time indoors than ever before and  often push ourselves further from nature. Due to these changes, we are often missing out on the essential benefits that our natural environment’s plants and trees  provide for us. This unfortunate condition can be addressed by adding specific varieties of plants into your interior environment.

What Makes A Happy And Healthy Team Member?

Wishing to keep your employees  feeling happy and healthy? If yes, please contact us today to discuss how biophilic design decisions can be introduced to your facility. The benefits will immediately show.

Biophilic design and architecture encompasses natural moments that fill your workplace with positive vibes while enhancing productivity and stimulating creativity.

The Core Features & Elements of Our Biophilic Design Services

Use of natural and local materials

Proximity to water

Blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors

Overlooking landscapes

Natural scents

Clustered, scattered and varied vegetation

Natural patterns and processes

Shelter and privacy

Evolved human-nature relationships

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Biophilic Design Principles: Natural and Organic Materials

Offer a new and unique experience within your workplace by introducing Biophilia into it!

Natural and organic materials such as stone, wood, granite, bamboo, marble, and of course PLANTS provide the most simple and impactful way to embrace Biophilic architecture. The earth’s natural materials evoke a sense of welcome and warmth, which are often lacking with the synthetic materials we find in the typical office environment. When properly maintained, natural and organic material tends to be more durable, long-lasting, and reliable.

Our mission is to create a Biophilic-designed environment that brings nature to you and your team. To learn more about our Biophilic design services, please contact our team of professionals to schedule a free design consultation.

How Do We Implement Biophilic Design?

As service providers of Biophilic Design, we apply a qualitative and quantitative approach that defines a project’s qualities and requirements. Our team of professionals work with you, the client, in building a complete vision of your project.

This allows us to fully understand all social and spatial opportunities that exist and realize a more focused result regarding the triple bottom line of Profit, Planet, and People.

Our work and investigation leads us to create improvements regarding:

Air quality, toxin levels, and ventilation

Thermal comfort levels

Acoustic comfort

Organization and optimization of spaces with a human focus

Improved artificial and natural lighting

Aesthetic environment with brand recognition

The incorporation of recuperative spaces

Internal and external views into nature

The use of an organic and natural material’s textures, colors, and patterns

Advantages of Biophilic Design Architecture

Biophilic design uses ideas and principles to create a human-centered approach that ultimately improves many spaces in which we live and work today, providing many benefits to our health and well-being.

Living plants improve air quality

Thermal comfort levels

Helps relieve stress levels

Improves our mental wellness

Improves health and happiness

Positive mood and feelings of well being increase

Reduced mental and physical fatigue

Healthy and positive impact on guest experience

With years of professional service and expertise, we are continuously enhancing office space just like yours.. Simply contact our team of professionals to begin connecting your space with nature today!

Thank you guys for always being happy, friendly and professional!
Solid work and dependable staff. Can’t get much better than that. I highly recommend this company for all your plant needs!

Gino Carrieri

We have been using Plant Escape to furnish and maintain our downtown office space with plants for the past two years and we absolutely love the vibe that live plants bring to our space... I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some feel good plant vibes to their space.

Abigail Wenk

My company has plant walls and Mae with Plant Escape does an amazing job keeping them looking their best. She’s knowledgeable and has even inspired me to keep a few plants around the house. I’m really happy that I know I can trust this company while I work on my own green thumb.

Jen Gelber

Alex and Scott! You guys have been fantastic! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our property like it was your own! We appreciate how prompt, detailed, kind, and genuine you two are! Thank you so much, again! 5151 loves you!

Nataly Milic

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