• Interior Plant Design, Installation & Maintenance

Our designers work with you to create a design to add eye-catching foilage plants and unique containers to your home or office. Next we install everything in a day and transform your look. Plus we maintain all your new plants with a weekly visit to keep them looking like new!

• Landscape Design, Planting & Maintenance

We come to your property and give you a plan to turn your existing and new flower beds into show-stoppers.  Our expertise is in color design and we know you’ll be excited with what we come up with using annuals and perennials.  Once the calendar gets to May we’ll come out and plant and fertilize everything to get it off to a great start.  If you’d like Plant Escape to maintain your beds so they’ll look great all summer and fall, we’d love to put you on the list.

We can also help you with bark & mulch, flagstone, stepping stones and other light hardscaping.

• Plant Container Sales

Whether you’re looking for ceramic, fiberglass, rustic, concrete or something really exotic, we can make your interior and exterior plantings look extra special with a wide variety of container looks.

• Holiday Design, Lighting and Decorations

Plant Escape does a wide variety of holiday work, so whether you’re looking for lighting, greens, trees or decorations and bows we’ve got the team to dress up your home or office like never before.

• Silk Plant Design, Sales & Installation

If you have areas in your home or office where the light is just not good enough for live plants, you’ll be amazed at what we can do with artificial plants. 

We do any size job & we’re always competively priced!

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