Guaranteed Plant Maintenance Program

The most reliable, convenient way to insure your plants will grow tall,exude health, stay green,remain clean,& keep on looking brand new. 

( and if they don’t,
we replace them immediately
at no charge ).

Here’s what you get:

A weekly service visit by a fully trained horticultural technician. We want your plants to look as good in one year, or five years, as they did on day one.

Regular Watering : Your technician will monitor your plants' needs and determine the amount and frequency of watering required by your specific environment.

Pruning and Trimming : These are done continuously. Old leaves are removed and brown tips are trimmed. All plants are shaped to insure optimal growth and appearance.

Cleaning : It's amazing how much dust and dirt circulates in the air and collects on your plants. Your technician will dust your plants regularly to ensure their continued health and beauty.

Fertilizing : Fertilizing is determined by specific environments and plant variety. Your technician will fertilize your plants as needed.

Insect/Disease Control : Plant Escape technicians are trained to recognize and catch problems early if they should occur. We always use the most environmentally soft and nontoxic solutions available.

Replacements : We guarantee our maintenance service. Should a plant fail Plant Escape will replace it promptly with a new plant of the same or similar size, variety and value. However, we cannot guarantee against vandalism, extreme heat and cold, or the unauthorized watering or moving of plants.

Emergencies : Should a problem develop between visits by your technician, please call Plant Escape immediately. We will quickly send a technician or supervisor to solve the problem.

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